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Listing ID Category   Title Location
307074 Lost: Handbags, PursesBrown and gold walletChula Vista, California. 91913 
307073 Lost: Handbags, PursesBrown and gold walletChula Vista, California. 91913 
305904 Lost: CatsGrey and white cat, green eyesChula Vista, California. 91910 
305903 Lost: Animals / PetsGrey and white male catChula Vista, California. 91909 
302926 Lost: DogsMiniature Black Yorkie PooChula Vista Animal Control
Chula Vista, California. 91911
291376 Lost: IDs, Credit Cards, Licenses, PassportsSmall white wallet/bagChula Vista, California. 91911 
286955 Found: Dogs2 Pugs, male and a femaleChula Vista, California. 91915 
276686 Lost: CatsI am a Medium size Cream Cat.named BANDIT.Chula Vista, California. 91910 
275864 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsSunglassesChula Vista - L Street
Chula Vista, California. 91911
273290 Found: Animals / PetsMedium Tan Brown/Black MuttChula Vista, California. 91911 
271355 Found: DogsMedium black & white female spaniel with brown face.Chula Vista, California. 91910 
268565 Lost: DogsTan & whiteChula Vista, California. 91911 
263161 Lost: Animals / PetsChihuahua Chula Vista, California. 91910 
262209 Found: DogsMale-sitll intactChula Vista, California. 91913 
258768 Found: KeysFound Car Keys at Voyager ParkChula Vista, California. 91910 
254500 Lost: DogsLost dog chula vistaChula Vista, California. 91911 
252718 Found: DogsSmall White Male Dog - Looks to be Maltese/Shih Tzu MixChula Vista, California. 91913 
252114 Lost: DogsWhite Miniature Poodle Chula Vista, California. 91910 
251357 Lost: DogsSmall white french poodle-malteseChula Vista, California. 91910 
251174 Lost: IDs, Credit Cards, Licenses, PassportsThin card with california on itChula Vista, California. 91909 
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